SAORI weaving on a loom at Shizuka Ryokan

SAORI retreats at Shizuka Ryokan

Thursday 31st March – Sunday 3rd April

Thursday 12th May – Sunday 15th May

Thursday 4th August – Sunday 7th August

Further 2022 dates to be announced

Shizuka Ryokan will be rife with creativity and sustainability in 2022 when Prue Simmons returns to teach three-day SAORI workshops. SAORI is a type of Japanese weaving.

Prue Simmons is the founder of the Dyeing to Weave Studio, and is one of just three SAORI teachers in Australia. She was taught traditional Japanese weaving and natural dye techniques by Toyomi Harada in the mountains on Honshu, Japan.

Prue is interested in sustainability, natural dyes, up-cycling and environmentally friendly textiles. Prue and her partner run White Stone Farm in Central Victoria. On the farm they raise llamas and use their fleece to weave beautiful pieces.

To learn more about SAORI you can read the blog post on Shizuka Ryokan’s Japanese culture blog.

To reserve your spot please visit the Dyeing To Weave Studio website here.