Lars Skalman in a yoga pose

5pm Friday, 6th September—2pm Sunday, 8th September

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The Spring Seasonal Yoga Treat combines the ancient oriental wisdom of seasonal living, yoga practice, macrobiotic cooking and Japanese shiatsu massage. Join Lars Skalman and Cate Peterson for a weekend retreat at Shizuka Ryokan.

“Envisage the growth from seed to sapling after the dormancy of winter; this is a time of rejuvenation and growth in unexplored directions. In yoga classes, we capture the feeling of new beginnings. The healthy expression of the wood element directs energy upward and outward.

Join us at Shizuka Ryokan for a weekend of spring yoga, delicious vegetarian food and fun. Shizuka Ryokan is peaceful; just being there is a grounding experience.

From Friday until Sunday afternoon we practice yoga, mindfulness and techniques to embody the spring season. We have chosen practices which suit beginners and experienced alike. The menu is carefully curated, for a refreshing, detoxing, energetic start to the season. Our intention is that you leave bursting with spring energy.

You will learn the principles that guide food preparation in this season of green growth and ways to take your health into your own hands. Work on your liver and gallbladder meridians to help you unblock and clear your pathway to pristine health and the excitement of the new.”

  • Twin share $890 (Early Bird) / $990
  • Private room $1,150 (Early Bird) / $1,350
  • Early Bird ends 21st July 2019

About the instructors

Lars Skalman worked in top end restaurants in Sweden and Sydney for
 20 years until he became interested in macrobiotic and wholefood cooking. He has extensive experience cooking on yoga retreats, where his somewhat unorthodox approach to macrobiotics has made it easier for people to alter their attitudes toward healthy eating. He is also a yoga teacher and shiatsu therapist.

Cate Peterson has over three decades’ experience as a Japanese yoga teacher, meditation teacher, occupational therapist and masseuse. Her work with individuals and organisations through United Nations World Yoga Day, YogaHive and Get Off Your Asana is all about bringing yoga practice to full fruition in Australia, so that it can take its place in addressing our communal health.