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2022 Seasonal Yoga Retreats

Bookings are now open for the following 2022 Seasonal Yoga Retreats: Autumn: April 3 Sunday & 4 Monday, check-out Tuesday Winter: June 19 Sunday & 20 Monday, check-out Tuesday Spring: September 18 Sunday & 19 Monday, check-out Tuesday Summer: November 13 Sunday & 14 Monday, check-out Tuesday Late-Summer (2023): February 19 Sunday & 20 Monday, […]

Autumn Hot Pot

As the weather cools it is time to enjoy nabe, or hot pot, lovingly prepared with seasonal vegetables. Hot pot is a selection of meat and vegetables simmered together in a flavourful broth. Japan is famous for Shabu Shabu, pork and vegetable hot pot, and Mizutaki Nabe, chicken hot pot. But vegetarian variations made with […]

Furoshiki: Japanese traditions

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths made of squares of silk or cotton. The custom of furoshiki wrapping dates back to Nara period, when cloths were used to wrap and transport precious temple objects. The term furoshiki originated during the Muromachi period when the Shogun Askikaga built an onsen (a traditional Japanese bath-house) and invited […]