"buy fresh. Buy local." Painting of fruit, vegetables and a rooster.

A farmers’ market, a picnic and some wallabies at dusk.

You might be in for a treat—your visit to Shizuka Ryokan may coincide with a local farmers’ market.

Here is a plan: Start the day at Shizuka with a traditional Japanese breakfast then pop down to a farmers’ market to purchase some delicious local provisions. Next take a picnic rug (and some empty bottles for filling) to the Hepburn Mineral Springs and have yourself a picnic. Laze around. Read books. Eat too many olives then retire to Shizuka for a late afternoon nap followed by some pre-dinner drinks on the deck overlooking the wallabies and the currawongs.

The following is a list of farmers’ markets near Shizuka:

1st Saturday of the month

Daylesford Farmers Market

Daylesford Primary School, Vincent Street

9am – 1pm

Woodend Farmers Market

High Street Woodend

9am – 1pm

1st Sunday of the month

Castlemaine Farmers Market

Mostyn St, Castlemaine

9am – 1pm

2nd Saturday of the month

Ballan Farmers Market

96 Inglis St, Ballan

9am – 1pm

Kyneton Farmers Market

St Pauls Park, Piper St, Kyneton

8am – 1pm

2nd Sunday of the month

Clunes Farmers Market

Collins Place & Fraser St

9am – 2pm

3rd Saturday of the month

Trentham Farmers Market

Trentham Town Square, Trentham

9am – 1pm

To learn more visit the Australian Farmers’ Markets Association.