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Hina-matsuri: Japanese Traditions

Hina-matsuri (雛祭), also known as Doll’s day or Girls’ Day,  is celebrated on March 3. On this day, platforms (hinadan) covered with red material are used to display ornamental dolls. The dolls represent the Emperor, Empress, attendants and musicians, in the traditional court dress of the Heian period. Origin Doll’s Day is known as a […]

The Health Benefits of a Japanese Diet

The Traditional Japanese breakfast served at Shizuka Ryokan exemplifies Japanese cuisine. Grilled salmon, hijiki seaweed, miso, pickled daikon radish, umeboshi plum and furikake seasoning are regular features around here. Not only are these foods delicious, they are beneficial to health. The Japanese Diet Fish Japan consists of 6,852 islands, so it is no surprise that […]

SAORI at Shizuka

Shizuka Ryokan will be rife with creativity and sustainability this October during a three day SAORI Japanese weaving workshop. The philosophy of SAORI is an interesting one. In Japanese the word SAORI comes from ‘sai’ meaning individuality, and ‘ori’ meaning weaving. SAORI is markedly different from other forms of hand weaving because the weaver is […]

SAORI: Japanese Traditions

“When you get to explore your own creativity you tap into your inner spirit, and what makes you unique.”- Prue Simmons There is something downright mythological about Prue Simmons—one senses that if you spent enough time in her company you would rise like a phoenix from the ashes of your boring office job. Prue is […]

Farmers’ Markets near Shizuka Ryokan

You might be in for a treat—your visit to Shizuka Ryokan might coincide with a local farmers’ market. Farmers’ markets enable personal connections between growers and consumers. By cutting out the middlemen, local growers receive more food dollars and shoppers receive fresh, in season produce which supports the local community. To learn more visit the […]